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Musenyi - Burundi Washed

Musenyi - Burundi Washed

Clement Coffee
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Fresh Orange Juice & Toffee

This coffee comes from a small washing station, located near Musenyi, that processes crops from around 230 smallholders. 

All the coffee is hand-sorted and prepped them for the washing process. In the washed process, the coffee cherries are fermented in tanks using a single-fermentation process and then dried in the sun for 7 days, using a humidity meter device and moved regularly to achieve even drying. Once dried the parchment coffee is moved to the warehouse to be assessed,  graded and stored in cool conditions to maintain quality. 

The washed process allows the bright, acidic notes to shine through, which is where you'll find notes of fresh orange juice and toffee. It's the perfect coffee for those who like a well-balanced cup that they can drink over and over again. 

COUNTRY: Burundi 
SUB REGION, REGION: Musenyi, Bururi district
FARM NAME / WET MILL: Musenyi Washing Station
PRODUCER: Kawazamurabawe Cooperative
MASL: 1500 - 1800