Clement - La Estrella - Colombia Washed

Clement - La Estrella - Colombia Washed

Clement Coffee
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Jasmine & Fresh Orange Juice

COUNTRY: Colombia 
CULTIVAR: Pink Bourbon


Neftali Fajardo Salazar has a farm in Inzá, Cauca, where Pink Bourbon grows on
about 3.4 hectares of land. The coffee is picked when it turns a very dark orange
color, and the cherries are sorted initially by floating them in a tank and removing
the ones that bob to the surface, in a process called "balseo."

The coffee is fermented in its intact cherry for 18 hours in a hopper, then depulped and open fermented in a cement-and-ceramic fermentation tank for 36 more hours. The coffee is washed twice and spread in parabolic dryers for 10–18 days.