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Apolinar Arevalo - Peru Washed

Apolinar Arevalo - Peru Washed

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Fresh Cherries & Brown Sugar

Back for the 5th year, this is a very special partnership for us. Apolinar Arevalo makes some incredibly tasty coffee, and we’re committed to seeing him succeed! Apolinar Arevalo is the picture of a typical Peruvian coffee farmer. His life and work story the norm rather than a singled out exception. His coffee, however, is a little different. This is why we travelled the long, often arduous journey to see him. Travelling by taxi up steep mountains, riding less than ideal cable cars, and finally hiking steep terrain just to see him. Needless to say, ST. ALi was the first to make this trek.
At 2000 metres above sea level,  Apolinar’s farm is one of the highest in the region. He takes meticulous notes about his fermentation for each lot, but typically he picks his coffee selectively, de-pulps it the same day, and ferments it for about 30 hours at the highest part of the farm. He dries it under solar covers for about 15 days. He is constantly working on fermentation experiments in an attempt to improve quality and consistency.

REGION: Cajamarca
SUB REGION: San Jose Lourdes
FLAVOURS: Fresh Cherries & Brown Sugar