• Sitio Canaa


    Introducing one of our newest coffees, Sitio Canaa!

    Produced by farmers Joao Hamilton and Ivan Dos Santos who inherited the farm from their fathers, this micro-lot from the region of Mococa in Brazil is of the Red Catuai variety, naturally processed and grown at an altitude of 1200-1340 meters above sea level. The farm itself is 10 hectares, and produces a number of different coffee varieties, consisting of Catuai, Mundo Novo, Sumatra and Bourbon. As far as environmental attributes go, Sitio Canaa has some of the best natural resources going around, with plenty of light, a high altitude, a rainforest climate, wild-life aplenty and mineral-rich volcanic soil.

    Originally, the focus of this farm was to produce as much quantity as possible with the use of various agro-toxic chemical. But in 2006 the Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (abbreviated, the FAF is a farm located in the mountain Mogiana region of Brazil which has been operating as a coffee plantation since 1850, but more importantly also act as a kind of ‘umbrella’ for a group of regional farmers) decided to take on board Joao and Ivan to become involved in a new and more sustainable approach to producing coffee. Their focus shifted to achieving the highest quality coffee whilst simultaneously respecting nature and therefor ensuring the security of the future of the farm for their family. They reforested the area around natural springs in order to maintain and protect them, began recycling all trash, and refraining from using any toxic fertilizers and herbicides. This shift in focus also resulted in the production of a higher quality of coffee and an overall more balanced and natural growth for the area and the coffee plants. The harvesting methods also changed, as they decided to begin selecting the ripest cherries, experimenting with semi-washed pulping techniques and working more carefully on the drying patios. Together, Joao, Ivan and Marcos Croce, the farm co- owner from FAF strive to achieve further development of higher quality coffees.


    This is Joao

    This coffee has had a seriously positive response from our customers. We’ve had it on a few times in the last week, and people love it. Seriously tasty stuff. We are talking buttery shortbread, and a plum/red grape fruitiness that results in a sweet, tongue-tingling experience.

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