• 3 CoE Filter coffees on the shelves

    We have one incredible weekend lined up for you guys; we have not one, not two, but three brand new Cup of Excellence coffees in store for you to taste, roasted for filter, over this Saturday and Sunday.

    If you’ve never heard of Cup Of Excellence, that’s ok, we can explain it to you. It’s essentially a competition and online auction, and also acts as an award given to prestigious coffees. They are evaluated, tasted and scored on their exemplary characteristics. The COE works off the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) approved cupping sheet that rate on a scale of 0-8 for aroma, defects, clean cup, sweet acidity, mouthfeel, flavour, aftertaste and balance in the palate. So if it has a COE award, it’s been chosen out of something like 500 coffees, been rated exceptionally, and been ranked and numbered. It’s fairly safe to say that anything COE is going to be exceptional.

    Tasting info:

    Brazil Fransisco, COE #6

    A ripe apricot sweetness, velvety mouth-feel, a long and elegant mouth-feel with a biscuity vanilla aftertaste.

    Colombia Pozo Azul, COE #27

    Pink Lady apple and fleshy stone-fruit flavours with tamarin and caramel.

    Brazil Rainha, COE #17

    Orange-chocolate jaffa, sweet hazelnuts and a great body.

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